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Future Posts

This post is an introduction of what is to come on my blog.  Starting in July I am going to be posting a monthly series called The Monthly Breakdown. This breakdown will describe my thought process and actions taken to put myself in position to take big bucks. For new hunters this will provide a roadmap of sorts. Advanced hunters can take away from my thoughts, ideas and experiences and apply them to their own hunting situations.


The inspiration for the Monthly Breakdown comes from my struggle to figure out what information was applicable to my hunting situations. When I first started learning how to become a more effective big buck hunter the most difficult part of the learning process was determining pieces of information that actually applied to my hunting situations. Then trying to figure out at what time of year I should be following this information.

Early on my knowledge consisted mostly of information learned from TV shows, YouTube, and magazines. The abundance of information on these platforms from people all over the country, seemingly contradicting each other, was overwhelming. This made it difficult to decipher what information to use or disregard.

What’s It Entail?

The breakdown will cover my personal pre-season preparation, in-season tactics, and post season activities. My hope is that by breaking down activities month by month the information will be easier to understand and make more sense.

Timing is important as a whitetail hunter. Whitetails are habitual creatures and follow general patterns year after year. Understanding these whitetail habits during each month of the year will help put the odds in your favor during hunting season.

It Makes Sense

I will be breaking blogs down by month because it allows information to be chronologically displayed in a way that makes sense, not strewn in an unorganized fashion. I will be posting at the beginning of each month so that you can take action after each post.

The Monthly Breakdown has a lot to offer, but it’s not meant to be followed to a tee. Rather it is to show my decision making process based on my ideas and specific situations.

My goal is to illuminate why I make particular decisions. This way you can feed off of my ideas, think out-of-the-box, and apply new concepts to personal hunting situations. The breakdown will be a strong starting point to branch off of.


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Article Written By: Jason Tome

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