Athlon Midas ED Review | Are These Binoculars Worth The Money?

Athlon Midas ED Binocular
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This Athlon Midas ED review will help you determine if these binoculars are worth the money. I also compare these binoculars to the next generation model Midas binoculars (the Athlon Midas G2’s) so you know which are the best value for the money.

This Review’s Credibility

I am not affiliated with Athlon in any way. I bought these binoculars with my own money and have loved using them. Because I liked them so much I wanted to do a review of them. I did an initial review of these binoculars (and 13 others). The Athlon Midas binoculars were my favorites for the money.

I felt a longer-term review would be helpful to add to that initial review. So this review reiterates my initial findings as well as my experience with the binoculars for about one year.

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How These Binoculars Were Tested

As I mentioned, I did a much more in-depth initial review of 14 binoculars (which includes the Athlon Midas ED’s and Athlon Midas G2 UHD’s). These 14 binoculars were all at different price points ($200 to $2500). I compared them to see which were the best value. You can also watch my YouTube review of these binoculars here:

14 Binocular Video Review (Includes Midas ED’s and UHD’s)

Athlon Midas ED Review

The Athlon Midas ED binoculars were amazing and outperformed even the most expensive binoculars. For the price, I could not tell the difference between the hyped direct-to-consumer Maven C1’s in the picture quality. They also did the same, and even better in most cases, in low light situations than the 350-500$ tier binoculars.

The image from these binoculars is incredibly clear, crisp, and bright. The adjustable diopter is very precise, and the focus knob is easy to turn with one finger, which I appreciate for finding focus fast and when I have cold hands. The wide field of view is very convenient and helpful in many hunting situations

These binoculars are incredible, they’re light and convenient and come in a great carrying case, have great lens caps that stay attached to the objective lenses, and the twist-up eyecups have the perfect settings for me. Absolutely fantastic pair of binoculars and they have a small price tag compared to the other binoculars in this test.

Athlon Midas Long-Term Durability

In this initial review of 14 binoculars, long-term use was not covered because the purpose of that review was to compare many binoculars that I only had a short time with. Thus, I was only able to gather first impressions of build quality.

Now that I’ve owed the Athlon Midas ED binoculars for almost a year, and through one hunting season, I can talk more about their long-term durability and performance.

Basically, I am still just as happy with these binoculars as the day I bought them. They perform just as I thought they would based on my initial review. Additionally, they are holding up really well in the outdoors. I haven’t dropped my binoculars and I haven’t abused them drastically in the field. However, they have held up just as I would have expected them too.

Athlon Midas ED Review – Field Notes

Build Quality Average, feels sturdy in hand.
Bulk & Weight Slightly better than average, lower-profile
Usability 1 finger focus knob adjustment, everything works well
Field of View 426 FOV, very wide
Brightness Excellent, bright white, amazing for the price
Low-Light Excellent comparable to more expensive binos
Clarity/Color Edge to edge is very well done for wide FOV
Chromatic Aberration Slightly better than average, not very noticeable
Price Inexpensive, one of the more affordable options, especially for what you get
Warranty Athlon offers a very good lifetime warranty.


Athlon Midas ED Binoculars - Best Hunting Binoculars For the Money
Athlon Midas ED Binoculars

Athlon Midas ED 8x42 Hunting Binocular Review Chart

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Athlon Midas ED vs Athlon Midas G2 UHD

Athlon Midas G2 UHD Review – Field Notes

Build Quality average
Bulk & Weight slightly better than average
Usability average
Field of View 426, tied with best
Brightness excellent, bright white
Low-Light great, comparable to more expensive
Clarity/Color edge to edge is very well done for how wide
Chromatic Aberration very little
Price inexpensive
Warranty lifetime


Athlon Midas G2 UHD Binoculars
Athlon Midas G2 UHD Binoculars

Athlon Midas G2 UHD Hunting Binocular Review Chart


I compared both Athlon Midas binoculars to 12 other binoculars (see video above). It was clear after conducting this review that both the Midas G2 UHD and Midas EDs were the best value binoculars, for the money they were unmatched.

You can’t go wrong with either one for the price. When compared to the Swarovski’s, there was a difference, but for hunting applications, there wasn’t a 10x difference in price. For the price difference, the Midas’s had, in my opinion, 80% of what the 1000$+ binoculars had to offer.

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Article Written By: Jason Tome

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