Lone Wolf Custom Gear (LWCG) Double Step Sticks Review

Lone Wolf Custom Gear Double Step Climbing Sticks Review Hands-on
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This is a hands-on Lone Wolf Custom Gear (LWCG) D’Acquisto Series Double Step climbing sticks review. There is a lot to love about these tree climbing sticks, especially for hardcore mobile deer hunters looking to get the absolute most out of their climbing sticks.

I bought and received the Double Step sticks about mid-way through the hunting season. So I have a few hunts under my belt with them and have been able to determine the pros and cons of these sticks.

What Makes The Double Step Sticks So Great?

Extremely Mobile

The stackability of these sticks is incredible and one of the best features of these sticks. These sticks are designed to stack flush against one another. This means the Double Step sticks are the most packable and mobile hunting tree climbing sticks on the market. This is a unique design that is not found on any other sticks.

Three 17″ sticks have a staking height of 4.5″ (including the tree brackets). Their overall staking length of three 17″ sticks is about 19.25 inches which is very impressive when compared to any other climbing sticks on the market.

Lone Wolf Custom Gear Double Step Length

Lone Wolf Custom Gear Double Step Width.png

Double Step Design

Another unique and one of my favorite aspects of these sticks is, as their name mentions, the “Double Step” design. Both the top and the bottom steps have a place for both of your feet.

This makes the climbing process so much easier because you don’t strain your legs when climbing because they can both rest at equal levels comfortably. This allows for stress-free and comfortable climbing when compared to other one-step climbing sticks.

Additionally, it allows you to set up your platform or treestands so much easier because you have a lot of foot room on the top step (10.5″) for both feet even with large boots. You can take your time and comfortably get these things situated.

How Much Do The LWCG Double Step Sticks Weigh?

No mobile climbing stick review is complete without talking about weight. At the end of the day if the mobile climbing sticks aren’t lightweight they’re no good.

Luckily, LWCG was able to dramatically shave weight with these sticks using their one-piece aluminum design. Individual sticks weigh 1 lb 11oz for the 17″ model (which I have) with no add-ons. My sticks weigh 11 lbs 14 oz with bed liner coatings (DIY mod to quiet them) and cable aiders.

The one-piece design allows the Double Sticks to be lightweight while maintaining their structural integrity under heavy weight. In fact, they have a weight rating of 250 lbs which is pretty incredible for the lightweight design.

Lone Wolf Custom Gear Double Step Stick Weight

Double Step Sticks Climbing Height

Double Step Cable Aider Attachments

The Double Step sticks are 17″ but I bought 17″ cable aiders that give me about an extra 15 inches of length to my sticks, for a total of 32″. This equates to the length of a full-length stick but with improved portability and weight, I highly recommend cable aiders. Plus they’re way cheaper than buying a 4th stick.

Lone Wolf Custom Gear Double Step Climbing Sticks with Cable Aiders

Must Know Before Buying The Double Step Sticks

How Well Do The LWCG Double Step Sticks Grab The Tree?

I was hesitant to buy these sticks because I was unsure how well they would grab the tree with their non-rotating pivoting tree bracket. The tree bracket needed to be non-rotating for the design to work.

I’m glad I went with my gut and bought them because the double step sticks have been able to handle every tree I’ve been in thus far without a hint of kick-outs.

Other reviews mention that the bottom of the stick has a tendency to kick out in certain scraggly trees. I have not seen this in my experience thus far but it would make sense due to the high versa button placement and the lack of a rotating tree bracket.

I plan to hunt scraggly trees so time will tell but my experience is telling me that I will be able to get the sticks to work on just about any tree with a little ingenuity.

Lone Wolf Custom Gear Double Step Climbing Sticks Bolt Bracket

The Double Step Sticks Are Noisy

Out of the box the Double Step sticks are ungodly noisy, but it’s okay! I actually like that Lone Wolf does not try to make them quiet because this allows hunters to add their own method of silencing the sticks. There are a few options such as the Lone Wolf Silent Touch Tape, Stealth Strips, or my method of using urethane spray-on truck bed liner.

I used a truck bed liner because I think it’s more scent-free once you let the sticks air out for a while. It’s also easier to put on and extremely durable. If you’re interested I did a YouTube video tutorial on how to do this:


The last thing we are going to cover in this Lone Wolf Double Step review is the price.

These sticks are expensive but they’re worth every penny, especially if you’re a mobile hunter like me. You get what you pay for and in my opinion, you get a lot of value for your money with these sticks.

To save money, I highly suggest buying cable aiders. This will at least save you from buying one extra climbing stick.

LWCG Double Step Final Thoughts

In my opinion, these are the best climbing sticks on the market. No other climbing sticks have the same combination of comfort, portability, and convenience in a lightweight package.

If you’re in the market for a new set of climbing sticks for hunting, I highly recommend giving the Lone Wolf Double Step Sticks a try.

I hope you found this Lone Wolf Double Step sticks review helpful. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions you can…

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Article Written By: Jason Tome

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