11 Warmest Insulated Hunting Boots For Cold Winter Weather

Warmest Insulated Hunting Boots For Winter and Cold-Weather
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These are the warmest hunting boots on the market for winter and cold weather hunting. The boots in this post are designed with tree stand hunters or relatively stationary hunters in mind.

As a Maine hunter, I know how important it is to keep your feet warm in the cold for enjoyable hunts. You’ll find the best hunting boots for cold weather and winter hunting below:

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The 4 Top Picks

Baffin Titan - Warmest Rubber Hunting Pac BootCabela's Saskatchewan Cold Weather Hunting BootCabela's Zoned Comfort Trac 2,000-Gram Insulated Rubber Hunting BootsKamik Nationplus Budget Warm Winter Boot
Warmest Hunting BootsBaffin Titan
Cabela's SaskatchewanCabela's Zoned Comfort TracKamik Nationplus
AwardWarmest Rubber BootWarmest Winter BootWarm Budget Rubber BootWarm Budget Winter Boot
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Warmest Rubber Boots For Hunting

Baffin Titan Rubber Pac Boots

These Baffin Titan rubber boots are comfort-rated to -148ºF (-100ºC). They are perfect for hardcore hunters who hunt stationary for long periods of time (like in a treestand) in the cold winter weather months. Also, they are waterproof, scent-free, and have removable liners for extra insulation and warmth. Since they’re waterproof, you can be sure your feet stay dry, which is essential for hunting in cold weather. For how warm they are, they are not that heavy.

Baffin Titan Warmest Insulated Hunting Rubber Boot

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Baffin Titan Warmest Insulated Rubber Boot For Hunting

Cabela’s Zoned Comfort Trac 2000g Insulated Boots

These rubber boots made by Cabela’s are one of the warmest rubber hunting boots on the market. They have 2000g of insulation in the toe area, 1600g in the arches, and 1200g in the heel. This design is for maximum warmth in the areas that need it but also to keep them mobile enough for walking. Also, you can find these boots for a very affordable price compared to the other warm rubber boots on this list, making them a great budget option. These boots will fall apart if used for a lot of walking. They are best for hunters who don’t move around a lot.

Cabela's Zoned Comfort Trac 2,000-Gram Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots

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Cabela's Zoned Comfort Trac 1200g Insulated Hunting Boots. Similar to 2000g model.
These are the 1200g Zoned Comfort Boots, but same idea as the 2000g.

Lacrosse Alpha Burley 1600g Insulated Boots

The Lacrosse Alpha Burleys are one of the warmest full-sized (18″) rubber boots on the market with 1600g of insulation to keep your feet warm in the coldest weather during hunting season. Also, another benefit is that they are waterproof so your feet don’t get wet which will further keep them warm if you hunt in wet environments.

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Thorogood Infinity FD 1600g Insulated Boots With Solarcore

Another one of the warmest hunting rubber boots is the Thorogood Infinity with 1600g of insulation. These boots are similar to the Lacrosse Alpha Burleys but they use Solarcore insulation (which NASA uses) to keep boots as insulated as possible and retain heat better than normal boots.

Thorogood Infinity FD 1600g Warmest Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots

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Warmest Winter Boots For Cold-Weather Hunting

Cabela’s Saskatchewan Cold Weather Hunting Boot

Cabela’s Saskatchewan boots are the warmest boots for hunting from a treestand because it has 3 inches of insulation between your foot and the ground surface. This means it will be very difficult for a cold metal treestand platform to make your feet cold. They’re also great for hunting from the ground on cold, icy, and snowy days for this reason. They have a removable liner which gives them even more insulation.

Cabela's Saskatchewan Warmest Hunting Boots For Winter and Cold Weather Huntingw with Insulation

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Cabela's Saskatchewan Cold Weather Insulated Hunting Boot

Cabela's Saskatchewan Cold Weather Hunting Boot Size Comparison
Cabela’s Saskatchewan Boot Size Comparison

Lacrosse Cold Snap 2000g Insulated Boots

Lacrosse is known for their rubber boots, but they also make excellent leather hunting boots. The Lacrosse Cold Snap hunting boots are designed for cold weather hunting with 2000g of insulation. They’re also not very tall boots so they have increased mobility.

Lacrosse Hunt Pac Extreme 2000g Insulated Boots

Lacrosse makes another winter boot called the Hunt Pac Extreme. These boots are what you want if you’re looking for the warmest boots for hunting that Lacrosse makes. They are bigger and bulkier winter boots with 2000g of insulation. These boots can keep your feet warm during the coldest temperatures of the year.

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Cabela’s Inferno 2000g Insulated Boots

Another one of the warmest hunting boots on the market is the Cabela’s Inferno 2000g insulated boot. These boots are big and bulky but they will keep your feet warm in just about any weather condition you throw at them. They’re waterproof which is essential for keeping your feet warm in nasty winter weather.

Cabela's Warmest Hunting Boot - Inferno Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots for Men

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Guide Gear 1400g Insulated Boots

These guide gear boots are a bit more of a hybrid boot. They are very warm because they offer 1400g of insulation and have a comfort rating of -58°F. They are still agile enough to be worn and walked in for longer periods of time than some of the 2000g insulated models in this review. These boots are tall and waterproof which is important for keeping water and snow from getting down these boots.


Guide Gear Giant Timber II Men’s Waterproof Hunting Boots Insulated, Lace Up Hiking Shoes, 1400 Gram

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Baffin Snow Monster

The Baffin Snow Monsters are comfort rated to -94°F and are another top winter boot for hunting. Additionally, they are waterproof and have a removable felt liner. The big and bulky winter boot offers a lot of insulation to separate your feet from the cold and retain foot heat. Baffin is a Canadian company they are well-known for their quality warm winter boots.

Baffin Snow Monster Insulated Winter Hunting Boot

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Kamik Nationplus Budget Warm Winter Boot

If you’re looking for some of the warmest hunting boots for the money, these budget winter boots are great for winter and cold-weather hunting. Also, they are comfort-rated down to -40°F.

Kamik Nationplus Insulated Winter Hunting Boot

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Tips For Buying Cold-Weather & Winter Boots For Hunting

What Does Boot Comfort Rating Mean?

A comfort rating for boots will tell you the effective temperature that a pair of boots are designed to keep you comfortable with light usage.

This is important to know because there is a big difference between being stationary in a treestand and light usage.

For this reason, you will want a pair of hunting boots that are comfort rated much warmer than the temperatures you plan to hunt to ensure your feet stay warm in cold weather.

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