Maine Moose Hunting Video | Gramp Shoots Big 52″ Rutting Maine Bull!

Maine Moose Hunting Video | Hunting Maine Moose Rut. Big Maine Bull Moose
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In this post, I share a Maine moose hunting video where my Grandfather (aka Gramp) shoots a big 52″ Maine bull moose.

Maine Moose Hunting Video

I filmed Gramp’s Maine moose hunting trip, which occurred at the end of September. The September season coincides with the rut here in Maine making it a fun hunt to draw a tag for. Drawing a Maine bull tag during the September season only happens a few times in a lifetime so we were excited to put a moose in front of him so he could get his first moose. I hope you enjoy this home-video-style moose hunt.


Maine Moose Hunting Trip Progression

The one-week hunting season started slow but as the week progressed we started seeing more rutting activity. Day 3 is when the magic happens. We weren’t looking for any particular caliber of bull, we just wanted to get a bull on the ground and we were fortunate enough for this big guy to come in halfway through the season. Lots of great memories, enjoy!

Calling In A Rutting Big Maine Bull To Close Range

We ended up calling in a big 52-inch bull to him at 40 yards. You could tell the bull was pissed by how he grunted and was raking trees as he slowly meandered in our direction. It was a lot of fun to call in such a large animal into such close range. There were 6 of us on this trip to the remote North Maine Woods.

Moose Hunting Catch and Cook

There is a catch and cook at the end of the video using the moose meat, it was nothing fancy we just threw some meat on the smoker to cook for several hours and it came out tasting great!


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Article Written By: Jason Tome

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