6 Best Upland Hunting Boots For Bird Hunters [2024]

Best Upland Hunting Boots For Bird Hunters
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Let’s talk about some of the best upland hunting boots for bird hunters. There are different types of upland birds and different boots will cater to different needs. Some hunters will do best with rubber boots, some with tall leather boots, and others with mountain-style boots for those mountain birds.

First, we’ll dive into what to look for when buying upland hunting boots and then we’ll jump right into the boots themselves, so lets get started.

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What To Look For When Buying Upland Hunting Boots


Since you’re hunting upland birds you might not need the most waterproof boots on the market. A water-resistant boot might be all you need.

That being said, at least where I hunt, I’m always glad I’m wearing a waterproof boot when I’m hunting because I inevitably find some water I have to walk through. Also, dew in tall grass can be very wet and will soak through boots that are not waterproof or resistant.

Cover Ankles

Boots that cover your ankles are going to help protect your angles from prickly bushes, thick vegetation, and grasses. It will also keep debris and water from vegetation from getting down your boot as easily.


Upland bird hunting requires a lot of walking. A lightweight boot will help keep your legs from getting tired so you can hunt more comfortably for long hours.


Upland bird hunters beat the crap out of their boots because of the thick vegetation and the miles they put on their boots when hunting. A durable boot is essential for getting the most for your money.


Upland bird hunters are generally on the move at a medium-paced walk all day. With this amount of movement, upland bird hunters really don’t need any insulation in their boots. If it’s above 40º there is no need for insulation. Once temps drop into the 30ºs  you might want a 400g insulated boot if you don’t move much. Once temps are in the 20ºs a 400g boot is a good option. Depending on your activity an 800g boot might be better, especially if there’s snow. There is a trade-off between warmth and weight. The more insulation you have the heavier your boots will be and the faster you’ll get tired, so keep that in mind.

Best Rubber Boots For Upland Bird Hunting

GumLeaf Field Welly Boot (High Rubber Content)

The GumLeaf Field Wellys are handcrafted boots in Europe and are made of 85% real rubber which prevents cracking. I’ve used these boots for over a year now and the rubber is holding up well against cracking. However, the softer and more supple rubber is less durable than boots with higher clay/plastic content. They are still more durable than neoprene though.

That said, they are one of the most comfortable full-rubber boots that I’ve worn, their Vibram sole is very cushioning for long days on your feet. For me, the extra comfort is worth the reduction in durability.

I conducted a review of the GumLeaf Field Welly’s where you can find more information on these boots.

GumLeaf Field Welly Vibram Outsole
GumLeaf Field Welly Vibram Outsole

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Lacrosse Grange Lightweight Rubber Hunting Boot

It’s tough to beat the Lacrosse Grange boots for a rubber boot. No other companies have been able to develop an 18-inch tall boot this thin, durable, and low-profile. They’re so lightweight that you barely even notice them coming in at 4.5 lbs per pair.

Another huge benefit of this boot is that they have an ankle-tight fit so that your heel does not slip up and down in the heel pocket (which causes blisters in other boots).

Their only downside is that they lack traction and although quite comfortable for all-day hunting/exploring, they have some foot fatigue due to the lack of traction and arch support. This is where the Gumleaf Field Welly’s shine over the Grange’s.

Additionally, they are very low profile so it’s much harder to roll your ankle in these rubber boots than most other rubber boots that have taller traction. For these reasons, the Grange boot is by far one of the best rubber boots if you’re going to be putting a lot of miles on your feet.


Best Rubber Hunting Boots
The Lacrosse Grange rubber boots are the best for lots of walking and being mobile.

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Lacrosse Burly Air Grip Foam Insulated

Another excellent rubber hunting boot is the Lacrosse Burly Boot with Air Grips. These boots are foam-insulated and provide a little more warmth at the cost of weight than the Grange boots.  They are great boots for someone hunting once temps start to dip and make a great step up from the Grange boots or Field Welly’s once temps drop.

They also make great winter hunting boots because the air grips offer good snow traction. The Burleys have many similar characteristics to the Grange boots such as durability, tight ankle fit, 18 inches tall, and a low-profile outsole. You can feel the environment underfoot with the air grips quite well.

Lacrosse Burly Air Grips Foam Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots

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Best Leather Upland Bird Hunting Boots

Original L.L. Bean Hunting Boot Gift

These boots have a flexible outsole design that allows hunters to feel the environment underfoot to be as quiet as possible. Tightening the lacing forms the leather to your leg ensuring a snug fit and preventing blisters. They are one of the best boots for dry environments.

It will keep dew from tall grasses from soaking the legs on early morning hunts. However, this boot is best in dry environments. Although marketed as waterproof, they are not. They are water-resistant at best.

As a born and raised Mainer, I know a lot of people with these boots and everyone says how poor they work in the water. If you’re going to be using them in wet environments I highly suggest coating them with some type of waterproofing to help repel water. It seems like they usually leak at the stitching just above the rubber bottoms.

best L.L. Bean boot gifts for hunters
Original L.L. Bean Boot. 16-inches in height.

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Danner Sharptail

Danner is a well-known boot company because they’ve been making quality boots since 1912. One of their best upland hunting boots is the Sharptail model. This boot is made from leather and sturdy nylon to handle rough country and is 100% waterproof with a Gore-Tex liner. Its sleek design is great for long-distance walking and only weighs 3.19 lbs which is one of the lightest boots in this review.


Danner Sharptail Leather/Nylon Light Upland Hunting Boot

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Irish Setter Wingshooter

The Wingshooter model has been around since the 1950s and is one of the all-time favorites for upland bird hunters. Technology has come a long way and yet these boots still remain in the top ranks as one the best upland hunting boots. Their UltraDry technology in addition to being fully leather helps them stay waterproof. These boots weigh in at 3.56 lbs.

Irish Setter Wingshooter Upland Hunting Boot

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Oboz Bridger Mid B-Dry Boots

The Oboz Bridger boots are not specifically designed for hunting. The main benefit of these boots for upland bird hunting is their weight, or lack thereof, coming in at 2.39 lbs per pair. This makes them the lightest boots in this review. They are also waterproof, very comfortable, and supportive making them a great option for upland bird hunting. They are only slightly shorter than the other boots in this comparison. When buying these make sure that a lower-cut boot makes sense for the type of hunting you do. If you can get away with a lower-cut boot you’ll enjoy how light they are.

Oboz Bridger Mid B-Dry Boots Hiking Boot For Upland Hunting

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Tips For Upland Hunting Boots

Wear Gaiters

Gaiters are a lightweight way to keep sticks, snow, and other debris out of your boot and keep bushes and thorns from chewing up your boots and pants. They can be especially helpful if you’re wearing a lower-cut boot but want dew/water protection up to your knees. Gaiters aren’t right for everyone but they are worth considering.

Leather Conditioner

Leather boots will lose their ability to be waterproof over time if not properly maintained. It is suggested to keep leather boots treated often with leather conditioner. This keeps leather hydrated so that the leather does not start to crack, keeping them waterproof for longer.

Leather boots will start to crack if not treated. Treating your leather boots will save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you’re buying expensive hunting boots.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading, hopefully this helped you narrow down your choices on what upland rubber boots will be best for you. If you have more questions you can reach me on social media:

Article Written By: Jason Tome

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