Top 3 Fanny Packs For Deer Hunting [2023]

Best Fanny Packs For Deer Hunting
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If you’re looking for the best fanny packs for deer hunters, this post covers the top 3 fanny packs for deer hunting. There are not a lot of options on the market and most aren’t well-thought-out. However, these three mentioned in this post are excellent options it just comes down to your personal preference on which one will be right for you.

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Badlands Monster Hunting Fanny Pack

The Badlands Monster is one of the best fanny packs for deer hunting for many reasons. The first is that it is water-resistant, the material that the pack is made of is highly resistant to water (C6 DWR) to the point where you need a really good soaking for it to start seeping through. It also has extremely strong and durable stitching. And to top things off it has an unconditional lifetime warranty, so if you’re unsatisfied in any way you can just return it. It’s big but comfortable and holds a lot of gear. The one downside is that the fabric although isn’t too noisy, is noisy (likely due to the C6 DWR water-resistance fabric).

Badlands Monster Fanny Pack Best Fanny Pack For Deer Hunting

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Badlands Monster Top Deer Hunting Fanny Pack
Badlands Monster is an excellent fanny pack for mobile/saddle hunters

Kathy Kelly Design Fleece Deer Hunting Fanny Pack

Kathy Kelly Designs makes an excellent fleece fanny pack for hunters who are primarily concerned with stealthiness. The fleece is basically silent and the fanny pack is made in the USA and is high quality. All packs come with exterior “D” rings and interior pockets & zippered pouch. Highly recommended optional options include a waterproof lining and padded hip belts.

Best Fanny Pack For Deer Hunting
Photo From: Kathy Kelly Design

Sitka Toolbelt Deer Hunting Fanny Pack

The Sitka toolbelt is probably the most well-thought-out fanny pack for deer hunters. It has built with the deer hunter in mind and has specific pockets for deer hunting tools. This toolbelt is excellent for wearing in the front or in the back and offers a lot of room for storage while also being sleek. Inside the large pocket, you’ll find smaller pockets where you can place your gear in a more organized way. It offers the perfect amount of storage for deer hunting essentials.

SITKA Gear Hunting Elevated II Tool Belt Top Fanny Pack For Deer Hunting

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