Top 5 Most Comfortable Tree Saddles For Saddle Hunting [2024]

Top Comfortable Trees Saddles For Hunting
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The most comfortable tree saddles for saddle hunting have a lot of easy adjustments so that you can maintain comfort when hunting. If you’re tired of uncomfortable saddles or are new to saddle hunting and want to be sure you’ll get a saddle that you will enjoy yourself in, keep reading.

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Single Panel vs Double Panel Saddles For Hunting

Single-panel saddles utilize one piece of fabric to sit on whereas a double-panel saddle has two panels that can be moved independently. I’ve tried a lot of saddles and I haven’t necessarily found that one type is better than the other, it comes down to what feels better for you. I personally think the single panels are more comfortable.

Some saddle hunters believe that two-panel saddles are better because of more adjustability. However, as you’ll see in this post there are some single-panel saddles that have unique features that allow them to be even more comfortable than double-panel saddles.

Most Comfortable Hybrid Tree Saddle

JX3 Hybrid by JX3 Outdoors

Say goodbye to hip-pinching and numb legs & feet! Because of the metal frame, there is ZERO pinching at the hips or anywhere else like other saddles. Comfort is where the JX3 Hybrid really outshines conventional saddles. Check out my full review of the JX3 Hybrid.

most comfortable tree saddles for hunting
I had no issues sitting in the JX3 Hybrid tree saddle for 10 hours straight. It’s like a recliner in a tree, making it one of the most comfortable tree saddles for hunting.
JX3 Hybrid Maneuverability Using Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks with Ameristep Screw-In Step Platform
JX3 Hybrid Maneuverability Using Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks with Ameristep Screw-In Step Platform

Check JX3's Price

Metal Frame

The JX3 Hybrid has a metal frame. This is unlike conventional saddles which are made entirely of fabric and rope. There are some major comfort benefits of the metal frame. One benefit of the metal frame is that even when you’re in awkward leaning trees the JX3 remains comfortable because the metal frame blocks the negative effects of gravity. In conventional tree saddles, gravity places more stress on your knees which makes them uncomfortable faster.

Metal Fork

Another benefit that the metal frame supports is the optional adjustable metal fork that can be attached to the frame which rests against the tree. With this fork, you separate yourself from the tree even further and gain more grip when maneuvering around the tree.

JX3 Hybrid Metal Fork Against Tree
JX3 Hybrid Metal Fork Against Tree

Adjustable Backrest

The backrest is also adjustable, allowing for adjustments to be made easily in the field while being used. If you start getting tired of sitting in a certain way, you can make the adjustments so you recline comfortably again.

JX3 Hybrid Adjustable Backrest And Straps
JX3 Hybrid Adjustable Backrest And Straps

Your body can fully relax in this saddle. If you want to take a nap for a while, it is easy to do so. You can’t nap well in other saddles because you can’t lean back in them for long periods of time. Additionally, when you lean forward your head and neck get kinked on the bridge strap. This is not the case with the JX3 Hybrid. Instead, it’s like being in a recliner in a tree. It’s truly incredibly comfortable and I can’t say enough good things about its comfort.

Dryad Drey Hybrid Hammock Saddle

The Drey is very comfortable and gives the JX3 Hybrid a run for its money. This saddle is much more lightweight and packable than the JX3 Hybrid and is almost as comfortable (although not quite as comfortable). However, you still get 80+% of the comfort, in most cases it is worth the reduced comfort, especially for serious mobile hunters.

Dryad Drey Hammock Saddle
Dryad Drey Hammock Saddle – Using it as a regular saddle
Dryad Drey Hammock Saddle Cocoon
Dryad Drey Hammock Saddle Cocoon

Most Comfortable Single Panel Hunting Saddles


The Cruzr XC is another very comfortable tree saddle for hunting because of its upgradeable adjustable bridge (both length and position). Another innovative feature of this single-panel saddle is that it has extra pleats to easily adjust the size of the saddle while you’re in the tree. With these adjustments, there is no hip pinch which single-panel saddles are notorious for. For this reason, the Cruzr XC is one of the most comfortable and best overall hunting saddles on the market.

Cruzr XC Saddle Review

Tethrd Phantom

The Tethrd Phantom basically needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular saddles on the market and for good reason. The Phantom addresses hip pinch and has reduced the pinch from earlier models. It’s a very comfortable saddle for how packable, lightweight, and mobile it is.

Most Comfortable Double-Panel Hunting Saddles

CRUZR Archon

Cruzr shows up a second time in this review. This time it is a double-panel alternative. Double-panel saddles are generally more comfortable because of their increased adjustability. The Archon is very comfortable for this reason. However, it is surprising how comfortable its single-panel brother is (Cruzr XC).

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