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Best Compound Bows For Beginners
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This post covers the best beginner compound bows for hunting for both youths and adults. These bows are excellent choices for the money and are also high-quality, making them a great value.

There’s no sense in spending a lot of money if you, a youngster, or someone you’re buying for is just getting into bowhunting. A first bow is supposed to be effective but not break the bank. That said, you don’t want to go too cheap or the bow or its parts might end up breaking or make the bow inaccurate, leading to frustration.

Fortunately, there are some great options on the market that are good quality for the price. I’ve listed some of the best beginner compound bows for hunting below.

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Best Adult Beginner Compound Bows For Hunting

Bear Archery Cruzer G-2 RTH Compound Bow Package

The Bear G-2 has been one of the best-selling bows for beginners in the industry because it’s a ready-to-hunt (RTH) out-of-box budget compound bow package that has a smooth draw cycle, incredible adjustability, and just feels great in the hand. For these reasons, it’s won the hearts of both youth and adult beginner bowhunters.

It has an adjustable draw length of 12-30 inches and an adjustable draw weight of 5 to 70 lbs. This allows new bowhunters to grow with their bow as they progress. Also, Bear Archery is a reputable brand that has been creating bows for a long time.

As I write this post, you can still get the Cruzer G-2 at a very good price, however, Bear seems to be phasing the G-2 out and replacing it with the G-3, so get it while you can!

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Bear Archery Cruzer G-3 RTH Compound Bow Package

The G-3 is the next generation of the G-2.  The G-3 has an adjustable draw length of 14-30 inches and an adjustable draw weight of 10 to 70 lbs making it slightly less adjustable than the G-2. However, the reduction in adjustability has given it improvements in performance. The most obvious is the 75% let-off, a +5% increase, making it easier for beginners to hold the bow back. All of the accessories are Trophy Ridge.

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Bear Archery Resurgence RTH Compound Bow Package

Bear makes another great adult beginner bow called the Resurgence. Like the Cruzer bows, it is read to hunt out of the box. It’s only slightly more expensive than the Cruzer G-3 but you get more for your money. For example, it has a cam system that lets it shoot faster (335 fps), and it has 80% let-off. The draw weights are a little less adjustable than less expensive bows, which is common to get improved performance. Depending on which bow you buy it can be adjusted from 45 to 60 or 55 to 70 lbs. The draw lengths can be adjusted from 25.5-31 inches.

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Bear Fred Legit RTH Package Realtree Edge

This ready-to-hunt bow package was specifically designed to fit bowhunters of all ages. The draw length is adjustable from 14-30 inches and the draw weight is adjustable from 10-70 lbs. Taller hunters may benefit from a max draw length of 31 inches.

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Diamond Archery Edge 320 Compound Bow Package

Diamond is another well-known bow company that makes great bows for beginners. Their Edge 320 is one of the best bows for beginners because of its adjustability. The draw length is adjustable from 15-31 inches, and the draw weight is adjustable from 7-70lbs. You can find this bow at about the same price as the Cruzer G-3.

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Diamond by Bowtech Prism Compound Bow Package

The Diamond Prism is another great bow for youngsters and adults. The draw length is adjustable from 18-30 inches which fits the majority of hunters and the draw weight adjustable from 5-55 lbs. This bow can grow with the hunter and with these specs, it will fit both teenagers and adults.

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Sanlida Archery Dragon X8 RTH Compound Bow Package

This is one of the most popular hunting bows on Amazon because it’s cheap, adjustable, ready to hunt, and it works. It has an adjustable draw length of 18-31″ and an adjustable draw weight of 0-70 lbs.

The adjustability at this price point makes it one of the best hunting bows for the money. The 31″ max draw length is great for individuals with a longer wingspan. Most bows offer up to a 30″ draw length so it’s great to see a budget bow with a longer draw length.

I’m not sure about the build-quality long term, I suggest buying from a reputable bow company.

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Best Youth Beginner Compound Bows For Hunting

These bows are not designed for adults, they are for youth bowhunters only. Bows in this category will likely need to be upgraded once the kids get older and outgrow their bows. These bows are perfect for kids that are younger than teenagers but are adjustable enough to last them through all or most of their teenage years.

These bows offer some better benefits than the highly adjustable bows for both you and adults. For example; they are smaller and lighter weight making them more manageable to hold for smaller and younger kids. Also, they’re generally cheaper for these reasons.

Bear Archery Royale RTH Youth Compound Bow

This is one of Bear Archery’s bows designed specifically for youth hunters. It has an adjustable draw length of 12″-27″, adjustable weights of 5-50lbs, only 27″ inches axel-to-axel, and only 2.7 lbs without the accessories, making it one of the best bows for youngsters, especially for the price.

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PSE Archery Mini Burner RTS Compound Bow Package

The PSE Mini Burner is another great option. It’s a small bow with a lot of adjustability for youth hunters. For example, the bow only weighs 2.5 lbs, the draw weight can be adjusted from 5-40 lbs so any young hunter can pull it back, and the draw length is adjustable from 16 – 26.5 inches. This is one of the best sub-300$ bows for youth hunters.

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Diamond by Bowtech Atomic Youth Compound Bow Package

This is Diamond Archery’s bow is the ultimate youth bow for the youngest bowhunters. The draw length is adjustable from 12-24 inches making, so it fits the smallest of youth hunters. The draw weight is adjustable from 6 to 29 lbs, which makes it too light for deer hunting. But it’s a great bow for hunting smaller animals and introducing youngsters to bowhunting. The bow only weighs 1.9 lbs making it the lightest bow on this list. It’s only 24 inches axle to axle, also making it the shortest bow on this list.

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What To Look For In A Compound Bow For Hunting

In order to get the most for your money there are a few things to consider before purchasing your first bow to ensure you get the most out of it:

Best Compound Bows For Beginners


For a beginner, a highly adjustable bow is recommended because it will allow the bowhunter to grow with the bow and prevent the bowhunter from outgrowing the bow.

Draw Length

Youth bowhunters will want a bow that has a highly adjustable draw length because it will allow them to grow with the bow instead of outgrowing the bow and needing to buy a new bow.

Draw Weight

An adjustable draw weight is important for youth and adult hunters because as you become stronger you’ll want to increase your draw weight so you can shoot arrows faster, flatter, and more accurately. You’ll also want to be able to start at low poundage and work your way up to higher poundages gradually.

Bow Size (Length, Weight, and Width)

Take into consideration the size of the bow you’re buying. For example, if you’re hunting you might want a short, lightweight, and slim bow that is easy to carry through the brush.

Speed (to an extent)

Speed is important to an extent, but do not fixate on this as a new bowhunter and just buy the fastest bow in your price range. It is better to have a bow that feels good to use.

Draw Cycle Smoothness

The draw cycle has a lot to do with how a bow feels. A smooth drawing bow will feel better in the hand so it is important to try as many bows as you can out to see what you like best before buying a bow.


Compound bows are great because they have let-off which reduces the lbs you hold back at full draw. This makes it easier to hold a bow back at full draw for longer periods of time, which is very helpful in hunting situations. Let off is the % of draw weight you are holding at full draw.

So, if you have a 50 lbs draw weight and you have an 80% let-off then you are only holding 10 lbs at full draw. A good let-off is helpful, especially for beginners.

Ready to Hunt Packages

Ready-to-hunt bowhunting packages are great for beginner bowhunters because you don’t have to spend time figuring out all of the accessories for a bow, the bow comes with them. This is a great way to get more for your money too.

As you improve as a bowhunter and learn more you can buy replacement accessories that are of higher quality. This is another great way compound bows grow with you.

Don’t Buy A Used Hunting Compound Bow (Beginners Only)

Many times new bowhunters will buy a used cool-looking bow from someone only to find out that the bow isn’t adjustable enough to fit them. I recommend buying new for your first bow and working with a pro shop to tune the bow and arrows specifically to your body. This way you’ll ensure the bow is shooting the way it is intended to for the most accuracy.

Don’t Buy Soley Based on Bow Specs

It’s important to get your hands on as many compound bows as possible and to try them out in the archery range before spending your money. Each bow will feel different to you. You want the bow that is most comfortable for you.

Print out this list of the best beginner compound bows and bring it with you to the archery shop near you. Try out as many as you can to see what you like best.

Even if you see a better deal online, go into the store and try them out. You’re not obligated to buy a bow after trying them out, so you can go back home and order the one you like best online. This way you’re making a more educated purchase.

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