CRUZR XC Review | Most Comfortable Hunting Saddle?

Cruzr XC Mesh with No Hip Pinch
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This Cruzr XC review looks at comfort, noise, portability, mobility, adjustability, scent control, and build quality. The CRUZR XC has a reputation for being one of the most comfortable hunting saddles on the market, if not the most comfortable. I also compared the Cruzr XC to 4 other top-selling saddles, you can find those reviews linked below:

The other 4 saddles I reviewed included:

How I Tested The CRUZR XC

I bought the CRUZR XC with my own money to test it out.

I had about one month to get to test the saddle in my backyard. In this time I found both pros and cons of the Cruzr XC. The review criteria are listed below.

CRUZR XC Review Criteria

The biggest factors I was looking for in the test included:

  • How Long I Felt Comfortable For
    • Hip-Pinch
    • Back Strain
    • Knee Fatigue
    • Comfortable Enough to Take a Nap
  • Noise
  • Portability (to and from the stand)
  • Mobility (in the stand)
  • Adjustability
  • Scent Control
  • Build Quality

CRUZR XC Saddle Review

How Long I Felt Comfortable For

Back Support

After testing all 5 saddles, it was clear that the Cruzr XC was a top contender. Out of the 5 saddles, it ranked 3 in comfort behind the JX3 Hybrid and Dryad Drey hammock.

It was an extremely comfortable saddle, the only reason the Drey beat it is that the Drey has back support. If it wasn’t for the back support, the Cruzr XC would have been ranked #2. That said, as far as conventional saddles go, the Cruzr XC is the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever used.

So, if back support isn’t important to you then the Cruzr XC would be a more comfortable choice. Also, you can add back support to the Cruzr XC but I don’t think it would be as comfortable as the built-in hammock back support.

Even Weight Distribution

I was also happy to find out that the webbing on either side of the mesh seat does not take the brunt of your weight. Instead, your weight is evenly distributed into the mesh area of the saddle. This means that your leg circulation does not get cut off like on many other saddles. This is one of the best features of this saddle and is what allows you to use it for a long period of time without moving or getting uncomfortable.

I sat in this saddle for an hour without moving and felt completely fine to keep going. Usually, after about an hour I can feel what could be an issue for those longer 8-10 hour sits.

From what I can tell after sitting in the saddle for an hour is that an all-day sit would be comfortable. In those 8 hours, you’ll probably need to adjust but you’re not going to be fidgeting around with the saddle every 20-30 minutes trying to get it comfortable. You’ll be able to go for hours without moving.


Hip-pinch was minimal thanks to the mesh design. The elimination of the hip pinch is a feature I was most impressed with. For a single-panel saddle to have such little hip pinch to the point where it wasn’t really noticeable is a huge win for the Cruzr XC.

Adjustable Bridge Position (Comfort Channels)

The adjustable bridge rope on the bridge loops played a vital role in the additional comfort of this saddle (see photo below).  This feature tilts your pelvis and this tilt is key. For example, if you’re saddle is tilted too far back your abs need to do a lot of work to keep you from tipping over backwards. But if you rotate forward it reduces ab strain and your muscles can relax.

Cruzr XC Bridge Loops
The bridge rope can be adjusted on the bridge loops to tilt the saddle so that it tilts your pelvis forward or backward.

Back Strain

Back strain was present because there is no back support (as with most saddles). However, I have my own back support band and I tried it with the XC and found that helped immensely to alleviate back strain. With back support, this saddle is hard to beat in comfort and is an excellent saddle for all-day hunts.

Knee fatigue was experienced in this saddle (like most saddles) and knee pads would be useful. However, because of the adjustable bridge loop, you can tilt your pelvis so that most of your weight is in the saddle and not forward into your knees against the tree. This helps take some pressure off your knees.

Single-Panel with Pleat Extensions

One of the best features of this saddle when it comes to comfort is its pleats that allow the saddle to be lengthened or shortened depending on your preferences. When you want to make the saddle smaller the pleats fold in on themselves and when you want to extend the saddle to make a bigger seat you pull the pleats apart.

I found extending the pleats was extra useful when sitting because the larger seat helped distribute my weight better and made sitting more enjoyable. This pleat system is one of the main reasons this single-panel saddle is so comfortable

Extending The Pleats of the Cruzr XC Hunting Saddle
Extending The Pleats of the Cruzr XC Hunting Saddle
Cruzr XC Mesh with No Hip Pinch
Adjustable Pleats

Leaning vs Sitting

Both leaning and sitting were very comfortable in the Cruzr XC I had no issues with either. The bridge adjustments (comfort channels) combined with the extending pleats make this saddle comfortable for leaners or sitters. I am a sitter and this saddle was the most comfortable single-panel saddle for sitting I’ve used by far.

Leaning in the Cruzr XC Saddle Sitting in the Cruzr XC Saddle


The Cruzr XC was a very quiet saddle and had the best comfort-to-noise ratio. Some of the more comfortable saddles like the Dryad Drey and JX3 Hybrid were more comfortable but weren’t quite as stealthy as the Cruzr XC.

There is basically nothing to make noise of the XC because it is completely fabric except for the buckles for leg and waist straps (which all saddles have).

Portability, Mobility, Adjustability

One of the best qualities of this saddle is its compactness. The minimalistic design makes it low-profile and a great option for portability and mobility because it can pack up small. Mobile hunters will really like this saddle for getting into remote places easily and quietly.

As mentioned, the saddle is very adjustable with the adjustable bridge position (comfort channels) and the pleat extensions.

The compact design combined with the simple yet effective adjustability of this saddle makes it one of the best saddles on the market.

Scent Control

Since this saddle is minimalistic it doesn’t hold a lot of scent compared to other saddles that have more fabric surface area.

The design also makes it easy to clean in a tub of scent-free detergent and won’t take long to dry.

Build Quality

I was impressed with the overall build quality of the Cruzr XC. The straps are strong and secure and the stitching is excellent. I only used the XC for about 30 days so I haven’t used it through an entire season but I have a good feeling it will last for many years based on the quality of the stitching and fabric.

Final Thoughts

The Cruzr XC is one of my favorite saddles at the time of this review. In my experience, there is not a more comfortable conventional saddle on the market (double-panel or single-panel).

It’s minimalistic, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use, making it an excellent option for mobile hunters that are looking for more comfort.

Hopefully, this Cruzr XC review was helped you decide if the Cruzr XC is right for you. If you’re looking for even more comfort, the JX3 Hybrid and Dryad Drey Hybrid are fantastic as well. I’ve reviewed these saddles too, you can find those reviews below:

Article Written By: Jason Tome

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