39 Best Gifts For Bird Hunters [2023] (Pheasant, Upland, Bird Dog)

Best Gifts For Bird Hunters (Upland, Waterfowl, Bird Dog, Duck...)
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Here are 39 best gifts for bird hunters in 2023, making it easy to find the perfect bird hunting gift (even for non-hunters). You’ll find hunting gift ideas for all types of bird hunters, at all budgets, and for any skill level.

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5 Popular Gifts For Bird Hunters

GoPro Hero 10 Black Gift For Bird huntersUnique Hunting Photo Slab of WoodPersonalized Bottle Opener Gift For Bird HuntersGarmin Instinct SolarOnX Hunt Gift For Bird Hunters
AwardBest Christmas GiftMost Unique GiftMost Personalized GiftCoolest GiftBest Last-Minute Gift
GiftGoProWood Slab PhotoCustom Bottle OpenerHunting SmartwatchOnX Hunt App
AvailabilityShop AmazonShop EtsyShop EtsyShop AmazonShop OnX Hunt


Best Clothing Gifts For Bird Hunters

Gamehide Upland Bird Hunting Vest

Blaze-orange is often a requirement for upland bird hunting. Even if it’s not required by law, it is never a bad idea to wear orange for safety. Gamehide makes a quality partially blaze-orange hunting vest specifically designed for upland bird hunters. It offers comfortable shoulder pads for shooting, many pockets, blood proof game pouch on the back for carrying game, and its briar proof which is key for longevity.

Best Upland Bird Hunting Vest Gift

Cabela’s Upland Bird Hunting Vest

Cabela’s also makes a quality upland bird hunting vest. Like the Gamehide it also offers many pockets, padded shoulders, bird pouches, and is durable for longevity.

Best Hunting Vest Gift For Bird Hunters

Gamehide Upland Bird Hunting Hoodie-Vest

This hoodie is perfect for when temperatures start to dip because it is thicker and offers protection from wind. The large front pouch allows bird hunters easy access to important items which also contains pockets for shotgun shells. This hoodie also has a built-in orange vest that has a bird pouch, making it the perfect cold-weather clothing gift for bird hunters.

Best Upland Bird Hunting Hoodie Gift

Rynoskin Insect Protection Clothing Chemical-Free

Rynoskin is a chemical-free baselayer that helps prevent bugs from penetrating the tight mesh. Bugs like ticks and mosquitos can be a big annoyance when upland bird hunting. Bug protection clothing is helpful for reducing the number of bug bites when bird hunting. Check out my full review here: Rynoskin Review: Insect and Tick Proof Clothing | Does it Work?

best insect protection clothing gift for bird hunters

best insect protection clothing gift for bird hunters

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First-Lite Brush Pants

Brush pants have reinforced nylon fronts of the legs to prevent wear and tear when walking through brush and thorns. These pants will last longer than regular pants and for this reason, they are worth the money in the long run. Additionally, they are water-resistant and stretch for maximum comfort.

Best Upland Bird Hunting Pants Gift

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Irish Setter 9″ Upland Hunting Boots

These boots are designed for upland hunters, they are a lightweight waterproof leather boots with a moccasin feel for the best comfort while upland bird hunting. They’re also 9-inches tall so they can be worn in shallow water. The height also protects ankles from the brush when walking.

Best Boots Gift For Upland Bird Hunting

Lacrosse Grange 18″ Rubber Boots

Because these Grange boots are waterproof, lightweight, and have an ankle-tight form they make one of the best gifts for bird hunters. They’re so comfortable and lightweight that it feels like you’re wearing sneakers. They’re also very durable, brush and thorns will not puncture the nylon-lined rubber.


Best Rubber Boot Gift For Upland Bird Hunting

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Unique & Personalized Gifts For Bird Hunters

Upland Bird Hunting Artwork

Hunting and wildlife artwork is one of the best hunting gifts for bird hunters because every time he sees it he will think of you. Hunting artwork is a great conversation piece when company is over. Additionally, when you pick out a specific piece of artwork, it shows that you took the time to choose something better than a generic gift.

Best Upland Bird Hunting Artwork Gift

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Personalized Bottle Opener Gift For Bird Hunters

In celebration or defeat, a cold one always soothes the soul after a long day in the field. Get the upland bird hunter in your life a custom wall-mounted bird hunting bottle opener for their home, man cave, or hunting camp for a personalized touch.

Personalized Bottle Opener Gift For Bird Hunters

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Wood Printed Bird Hunting Photograph Gift

Get one of your favorite bird hunting photos printed on a slab of wood. The combination of a personalized photo on a slab of wood is unique and makes for one of the best Christmas gifts for hunters.

personalized wood printed photo Christmas Gifts For Hunters

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Cool Gadget Gifts For Bird Hunters

Hunting Smartwatches Are Cool Gifts For Hunters

Hunting smartwatches are one of the coolest gifts for hunters in 2023 because of their customizability and abundance of cool hunting features. For example, smartwatches are helpful tools for hunters because they have GPS, ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, and a Compass), weather, sunrise times, sunset times, moon phases…and much more.

My article 7 Best Smartwatches For Hunting In 2023 Reviewed and Compared will help you choose the right smartwatch for the hunter in your life.

cool gifts for bird hunters hunting smartwatch

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Garmin Instinct SolarApple Watch Ultra For HuntingSUUNTO Traverse Alpha Smartwatch For HuntingGarmin Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar Smartwatch For HuntingGarmin Tactix Delta Solar Smartwatch with Applied Ballistics
Smartwatch ModelGarmin Instinct Solar (Standard)Apple Watch UltraSUUNTO Traverse AlphaCoros Vertix 2Garmin Fenix 7 Sapphire SolarGarmin Tactix Delta Solar w/ Applied Ballistics
AwardBest ValueBest Apple WatchDesigned For HuntersBest BatteryBest OverallBest Long-Range Shooting
Battery Life (Days)**241.514601824
AvailabilityCheck Amazon's PriceCheck Amazon's PriceCheck Amazon's PriceCheck Amazon's PriceCheck Amazon's PriceCheck Amazon's Price
*Price At Time of Post
**Battery Life Depends on Settings


OnX Hunt GPS Mobile App Subscription

Getting permission to hunt new properties is one of the most challenging aspects of hunting, especially for new hunters. The OnX Hunt App helps to solve this time-consuming process. OnX does this by showing property boundary lines as well as the owners of the property.

This is also one of the best last minute gifts for hunters because it is an online subscription-based hunting gift so there is no waiting for a physical product.

gps app subscription last minute gift for bird huntersCheck OnX Hunt's Price

GoPro Hero 10 Black For Filming Hunts

GoPro’s are one of the best gifts for bird hunters looking to get into filming hunts. The new internal computerized gimbal-like stabilization makes the footage look buttery smooth even with excessive movement. Not only do they have great stabilization but they also have 5K video, slow motion, and much more.

best gopro gift for bird hunters who film

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Bird Hunting Tools That Make Great Gifts

Leatherman Multitool Gift For Bird Hunters

A multitool is a perfect gift for upland bird hunters. This 14-in-1 tool is not only convenient but in my experience, it manages to reduce a lot of frustration when things go awry or fall apart. There have been many times when the leatherman has saved the day. A common example for bird hunters is pulling porcupine quills out of a bird dog’s mouth and face.

Leatherman Multitool Best Gifts For Bird Hunters

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Knife Sharpening Stone

The quintessential tool of the hunter needs to be maintained. Nothing is more annoying than trying to clean birds with a dull knife. A good quality knife sharpener will make it easy to get a sharp blade edge. This is a great option for a sharpening stone because it does not require oil, it only requires water to start sharpening.

best sharpening stone gift for bird hunters

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Knife With Replaceable Blade

The Havalon knife is one of the best gifts for bird hunters because it offers razor-sharp replaceable blades which are as sharp as surgical blades.

Also, re-sharpening a knife is time-consuming and inconvenient, with the Havalon you can easily replace the blade at any point during the field-dressing process.

Additionally, you can get different blades. There are regular blades, gut hooks, and saw blades for versatility and other hunting-related purposes.

best hunting knife gift for bird hunters
The knife is the quintessential tool for hunters, this is a unique knife making is one of the best gifts for bird hunters

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Vehicle Seat Covers For Bird Hunters 

Getting wet and dirty from being in the elements when bird hunting and then repeatedly getting in your vehicle will wear out the seats. Seat covers keep their vehicle in good shape through the hunting seasons. Extra protection for vehicles is always appreciated especially during the hunting season when things can get dirty.

Best Vehicle Seat Cover Gift For Bird Hunters 

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Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin

Permethrin is a strong insect repellent that works excellent against ticks and mosquitos. There are different methods of applying permethrin such as washing your clothes with it or spraying it on clothes. Either way, it is one of the most effective ways to keep bugs, especially ticks off of bird hunters.

Permethrin Best Insect Protection Gift For Bird Hunters

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Clay Pigeon Launcher Hunting Gift Idea & Activity

Not only do clay pigeons and a clay pigeon launcher make a great gift for bird hunters, but they also create the foundation for a fun activity that many people can get involved in together.

best clay pigeon thrower gift for bird hunters

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Boot Dryer By Peet

This is definitely one of the top gifts for bird hunters because every bird hunter needs dry boots. There is nothing more uncomfortable than damp or wet boots the next day. Damp or wet boots also speed up getting frozen toes and getting blisters.

best boot dryer gift for bird hunters

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Best Cooler Gifts For Bird Hunters

Insulated Soft Cooler Gifts

Soft coolers are perfect for day-long trips to keep lunches and drinks cold and fresh while bird hunting. These coolers are waterproof, mildew, have a tear-resistant exterior, and have the remarkable ability to stay cold as you’d expect from YETI and RTIC. It is important for hunters to have gear that stands up to the elements, and these coolers do just that which is why they are one of the best gifts for bird hunters.

RTIC Insulated Soft Cooler Gift

best cooler gift for bird hunters

Check Amazon's Price

YETI Insulated Soft Cooler Gift

best Yeti cooler gift for bird hunters Check Amazon's Price

Best Budget Bird Hunting Cooler Gift (52 Quart)

Igloo coolers are great coolers for the price, they make some of the most affordable coolers that still work well. Although they won’t work as well at RTIC and Yeti coolers for keeping items cold for days at a time, they work very well for day-long hunting trips.

Best Budget Bird Hunting Cooler GiftCheck Amazon's Price

Best Mid-Range Bird Hunting Cooler Gift (65 Quart)

RTIC makes a really good cooler for a middle-ground price, they’re one of the best coolers for the money. They are built tough and keep things cold, making them one of the best gifts for bird hunters.

Best Mid-Range Bird Hunting Cooler Gift

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Yeti Tundra Haul Wheeled Cooler

The Tundra Haul, wheeled cooler is fantastic for keeping things cool for long periods of time. They make great coolers for bird hunters going on long trips. Yeti coolers are heavy, the wheels and handle make a big difference when transporting this cooler.

best yeti cooler gift for bird hunters with wheels

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Best Gifts For Hunters With Bird Dogs

Bird Dog E-Collars

Dog collars are excellent tools for training bird dogs and for keeping them safe if they’re thinking about making a poor decision (like with porcupines). Nothing beats a well-trained hunting dog, which is why these collars are one of the best gifts for bird hunters with dogs.

Bird Dog E-Collar For Owners With One Dog


Best Bird Dog E-Collar For Owners With One Dog

Check Amazon's Price

Best Bird Dog E-Collar For Owners With One Dog

Check Amazon's Price

Bird Dog E-Collar For Multiple Hunting Dogs

If the hunter you’re shopping for has more than one dog, then a dog collar system that is able to work with multiple dogs at the same time might be the more convenient and cheapest choice.

Bird Dog E-Collar For Multiple Hunting Dogs

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Bird Dog Vehicle Seat Cover Gift

Dog seat covers make excellent gifts for anyone who has a hunting dog. No matter what, bird dogs get messy after a hunting trip. Hunting and training with a dog will usually result in a wet, muddy, brushy, and stinky pup. Seat covers keep the dog safe and keep the vehicle clean, especially after hunting trips.

vehicle seat protector gift for bird hunters with dogs

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Neoprene Dog Vest For Waterfowl

A neoprene dog vest has many benefits. For example, they are buoyant which helps dogs swim, it keeps them warm, and protects them from debris like sticks and bushes. For these reasons, it is one of the best gifts for waterfowl hunters with dogs.

Neoprene Dog Vest Gift For Waterfowl Hunting

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Blaze Orange Upland Bird Dog Vest

An upland dog vest has many benefits too. The biggest benefits are it protects them from debris like sticks and bushes. Vest also keeps dogs safe and visible. For these reasons, it is one of the best gifts for upland bird hunters with dogs.

Best Blaze Orange Vest Gift For Bird Hunting

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Bird Dog Slip-Lead Leash

A slip-lead leash is a simple leash that is great for bird dogs because they are designed to tighten under tension and release tension when tension is gone. This helps to train dogs not to pull on a leash and is a very important tool for a dog trainer.

Best Bird Dog Hunting Slip-Lead Leash

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Bird Dog Training Dummies

Training dummies are a must for training bird dogs to retrieve birds. Good training dummies are durable and can float so they can be used in all realistic training settings.

Best Bird Dog Training Dummies Gift

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Best Training Dummies Gift For Bird Hunters

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Bird Dog Kennels

A dog kennel is another must for bird dog owners. Not only do they keep your dog safe when traveling, but they can be used to teach puppy patience, bladder control, and more. A high-quality dog crate is worth it especially if the bird dog will spend a lot of its life in it. My post: Best Hunting Dog Kennels goes into more detail. 

Best All Around Hunting Dog Kennel
Gunner G-1 Kennels

Check Gunner's Price

Best Value Hunting Dog Kennel
Ruff Land Kennels

Check Cabela's Price Check L.L. Bean's Price  

Best Hunting Dog KennelBest Hunting Dog KennelBest Value Hunting Dog KennelMost Portable Hunting Dog KennelBest Kennel For Multiple Dogs
AwardBest All AroundRunner UpBest ValueBest BudgetBest For Multiple Dogs
BrandGunnerLucky DuckRuff Land KennelsPetmateOwen's Products
AvailabilityShop GunnerShop Amazon
Shop Cabela's
Shop L.L. Bean
Shop Cabela's
Shop Amazon
Shop Cabela's
Shop Cabela's
*Price at the time of this post


Best Gifts For Duck / Waterfowl Hunters

Howard Leight Sound Amplification Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is one of the best gifts you can get for a duck hunter. Keeping the ears protected during repeated shooting is essential for hearing longevity. If you know someone who needs a good pair of hearing protection they’ll appreciate it, and even more so in the long term.

Best Hearing Protection For Waterfowl Hunters

Check Amazon's Price

Mojo Robo Duck Decoy

A MOJO duck decoy is easily one of the best gifts for a waterfowl hunter. The spinning wings from this motorized decoy can be seen and attract ducks from very far distances. The MOJO gives ducks confidence in a decoy setup, making them commit harder offering more opportunities and better shots.

Best Robo Duck Decoy for Waterfowl Hunters

Check Amazon's Price

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